Under Covid-19 outdoor activity and small group tourism is now booming worldwide including Japan. Our “Rail & E-Bike” tourism realizes the both of the above 2 important elements. Our Shonai area located at Yamagata Pref. of Tohoku, Japan is quite rich in nature , culture and food. The E-Bike enables you to be active but relaxed due to the support of e-power unit. You will conquer any hill with an ease. Far away from mass tourism our knowledgeable guide will show you the best places to see around the mountain and along the seaside, eat culinary highlights and enjoy the ambience in nice accommodations. As the tour starts from the train stations you are free from the burden of the local transportation. You just come to our station by train(JR Free Pass is usable) and leave your  baggage and start the E-Bike journey with our guide.

We can offer you various tours, mountain ride, seaside ride, island ride and even sea and river kayak in the summer. Further more we have various optional menus such as fruits picking, sea fishing, traditional Japanese culture such as “Tea Ceremony” and “”Vegetarian meals” at the temple etc.

Now you can understand that this is something more than bicycle tour.

Anybody who can ride bicycle can join our tour.

Why don’t you try new way of enjoying your travel in Japan?